Calling All Women Veterans!

The Wilmington Veterans Affairs Medical Center is scheduled to hold a virtual summit aimed at women’s health care and resources available in VA on April 8 from 1 – 3 p.m.

The VA recognizes that women are the fastest growing group in the Veteran popu

lation and will have VA medical professionals on-hand to discuss available women’s health care at the VA. The virtual summit will cover women’s health, OBGYN services, mental health resources, to include military sexual trauma, and how to enroll in VA health care.

Register Today

Save this event to your calendar and REGISTER NOW BY CLICKING THIS LINK!

If you don’t register, you can join through phone (audio-only) by calling

1-404-397-1596, Access Code: 199 507 8348

The event is focused on female Veterans but is open to the community and other health care professionals who support female Veterans.

Women Veterans have achieved amazing successes in the military. There are more than two million women Veterans living in the U.S. today. In 2000, women were only four percent of the Veteran population. By 2040, women will make up 18 percent of the Veteran population.

Today’s women Veterans are shaping the future. VA is committed to providing female Veterans the access to gender-specific care they have earned and deserve.