September 23, 2023 22:55 EST

Veterans are our only business.

Inviting you to participate!

Veterans Stand Down

Schutte Park
Dover, Delaware
Friday 22 September 2023
8:30 am.
Opening Ceremony  |  9:00 am

Registration information and registration forms below. Please return only the form and “Release of Liability” Form that may apply to you. If you are a Service Provider and you are a veteran, please fill out only one Form including the “Release of Liability” Form. If you are a State or Federal employee, the “Release of Liability” Form is not required. If you know of others that are Veterans, Volunteers or someone that wishes to make a donation please distribute the forms to them. If you would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Veterans Awareness Center at 302-349-4898.

Our Veterans look forward to this great event and your participation makes the event great!

GG Stand Down 2023 Volunteer Registration Form
FF Stand Down 2023 Veteran’s Registration Form
EE Stand Down 2023 Release of Liability
DD Veterans Stand Down 2023 Donation Letter
CC Veterans Stand Down Agency
2023 Registration Form

BB Veterans Stand Down 2023 Welcome Letter