December 6, 2023 22:53 EST

Veterans are our only business.


PLEASE READ… the below-linked press release regarding a multi-state resolution against Harris Jewelry. Harris defrauded thousands of servicemembers and veterans affecting every U.S. State and Territory. This is a big win for our community, and we would like to get the word out to as many affected veterans and servicemembers as possible so that restitution can be provided appropriately.

The agreement requires Harris Jewelry to stop collecting $21,307,229 in outstanding debt that is held by 13,426 servicemembers and to provide $12,872,493 in refunds to 46,204 service members who paid for protection plans. Harris Jewelry is also required to vacate judgments against 112 consumers totaling $115,335.64 and delete any negative credit entries reported to consumer reporting agencies. Service members and veterans who entered into a predatory financing loan with Harris Jewelry between January 2014 and July 2022 will be eligible for restitution to the extent they paid for warranties, however, they will have to claim their restitution.

*Harris Jewelry, which is now closed, is not affiliated with the local Delaware retail business Harris Jewelers.


Diana M. Anderson, Paralegal II
Fraud & Consumer Protection Division
State of Delaware Department of Justice
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