December 6, 2023 23:27 EST

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The Delaware State Housing Authority announced the reopening of the DEHAP Rental Assistance Program, in addition to its new program guidelines. New applications and recertifications, which were unavailable during the pause, are now accessible through the DEHAP portal:

All applications submitted on or after Wednesday, October 12, 2022, will be reviewed for eligibility under the new program guidelines, which include:

Households who submitted applications before the application portal paused on Sept. 9 will have until Oct. 14 to provide any missing documentation required to process their application. If missing documentation is not received by the deadline, the application will be closed out and the applicant will need to reapply under the new program guidelines.

About Delaware State Housing Authority

The Delaware State Housing Authority (DSHA), formed in 1968, is dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing opportunities and appropriate supportive services to low- and moderate-income Delawareans. In addition to its role as the State’s Housing Finance Agency, DSHA is unique in that it serves as a Public Housing Authority and a Community Development and Planning Agency. As a Public Housing Authority, DSHA receives funding from HUD to build, own and operate public housing in Kent and Sussex counties, two of Delaware’s three counties. For more information about DSHA, please call (302) 739-4263 or visit