Dine with “Rusty Eagles” on September 22

Vietnam Veterans of America

Some 40 Vietnam Dustoff Association crewmembers who flew UH1 “Huey” medivac helicopters in Vietnam will be welcomed as brothers by Kent County Chapter 850, Vietnam Veterans of America, during their annual reunion in Dover between September 20 – 26.

Brain Injury Educational Webinar Series

This Brain Injury Association of Delaware (BIADE) webinar series provides life skills, resources and useful information on current trends and topics related to brain injury.

Changing Minds: Vietnam Veteran Shares His Experience Using VA Health Care

“I moved to Delaware 20 years ago and didn’t use the VA for my medical care, but used my civilian medical care instead, as I was having trouble getting my medical supplies,” he said. “The Georgetown VA clinic (Sussex County Community Based Outpatient Clinic [CBOC]) was available to me, and I met with Dr. Romina Thomas. And she turned the tide for me in my thinking of the VA and managed to help me get all my supplies with no issues.”

Easterseals Caregiver Support

Soldiers and Airmen, along with their Families, are invited to join in one or all of these Easterseals Wednesday Webinars. Topics are meant to introduce you to benefits and services available to our military families. Topics and discussion will be most relevant to our National Guard and Reservists.

FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Assistance

FEMA is now accepting applications for funeral reimbursement up to $9,000 for those who died from COVID-19 and it is listed on their death certificate.

Vaccination Requests – State Tip Sheet

This is a helpful tip sheet for anyone requesting how to get a vaccine at state-operated or coordinated events (that the National Guard is present/supporting mission).