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Sam Beard

Sam Beard

Sam Beard, the man who created programs supported by eight U.S. Presidents from Nixon to Obama, including cofounding the Jefferson Awards, will serve as guest speaker at the Delaware Veterans Coalition bi-monthly meeting at 7 p.m., Monday, November 26, at FOP Lodge #3, 1184 Kitts Hummock Rd., Dover.

He will talk about a program called GIFT that focuses on using untapped powers of the mind to overcome physical and emotional pain, post traumatic stress, addiction, and other challenges through mindfulness and focused meditation.

Mindfulness Training is a clinically proven method to heal from the trauma of war. It affords veterans the opportunity to re-establish a foundation of well being and begin their lives anew.

The nonprofit GIFT is leading a national initiative to use mindfulness and meditation to transform the lives of 100,000 veterans and active duty military suffering from PTS and war trauma in the next five to eight years.

GIFT is committed to starting a national movement to continue to support our troops once they come home. “The movement began in Elsmere, Delaware, when we partnered with Dr. Jenna Tedesco, who has trained more than 1,500 veterans with PTS using Job Kabat-Zinn’s Mindful-Based Stress Reduction systems (MBSR). Her exceptional work has transformed the lives of many veterans and their families,” said Mr. Beard.

The goal is to work with Delaware’s veterans organizations to create an outreach and marketing effort to help identify 1,250 Delaware veterans and active duty with PTS and war trauma, and create a sustaining system that transforms their lives. The Delaware model will then be used across America.

Coalition meetings are open to all veterans regardless of Coalition membership. Call 302-697-8483 for more information.

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